Answering machines tell people you don’t care!

Some of our clients were muddling through with answering machines before they came over to us. We didn’t overly sell our services for call handling to these clients and it was a natural progression from telemarketing in most instances.

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Having conversations about call answering was quite interesting as most of these clients saw absolutely nothing wrong with using answering machines.

Now I am not here to preach about the rights and wrongs of running your businesses but rather to help people explore alternatives that may work better for them.

In their cases their regular customers were OK with leaving messages. They knew the business and often the people within it and there was an element of trust and friendship. However it was the new business that they were missing out on by way of opportunities.

Having employed us as a call answering service they can now ask their new customers for feedback. Most of these have all said that if they had got an answering machine in the first instance of contacting them then they would not have continued to the stage of asking for a quote or doing business.

Answering machines make a terrible first impression. To generalise, the very instance an answering machine clicks in it screams “we don’t care about you”.


Not really.

If it’s a new business enquiry people want to feel schmoozed, they want to get a feel for how it would be to do new business with you. It’s a little bit of a test as to how you work as a company.

Making that leap of faith to pick up the phone with a new business enquiry is a Call-To-Action Success and an answering machine usually means you have blown it!

For trades, accountants, professionals, call out type services or services that are impomptu or an emergency people really don’t have the time to faff about with an answering machine or wait for someone to get back to them and if they are going through a directory or yellow pages it means it is the next company on the list that gets the business.

The thing with an answering machine is that all the while people do leave occasional messages, people think it is OK. It’s only when you change and try something different that the benefits become more obvious.

Using a trial with a call answering service can usually help to measure and recognise that benefit.

If you would like to have a chat then call us on 01480 718820 and we may be able to offer a free trial depending on availability and capacity at that time. Or sign up for one of the low price, low volume packages at £15 per month including the first 15 calls per month and if you are not entirely happy then we will give you your money back without any quibble or fuss.

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