Caring about Inbound Calls

The reasons for caring about inbound calls may seem obvious but I am regularly surprised at the casual approach taken with regard to inbound calls.

  • Holiday and sickness is not covered very well
  • People are constantly on voicemail and customers get frustrated. (all those meetings!)
  • It’s not appropriate to take a call whilst driving.
  • You want to keep lines open for high priority calls.
  • People take their lunch or attend training at the same time.
  • The business is not geared up for a peak in calls

I’m sure you can add to the list but whatever your reasons it represents profit in some form either via customer retention, new business acquisition, supplier or employee satisfaction.

It need not be expensive either as our pricing structure demonstrates.

Call us if you would like to have an informal chat about ideas and solutions to help maximise profit in your business with regard to inbound call handling on 01480 718820

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