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Predicting inbound call volumes

Generally speaking it’s easier to predict larger call volumes in larger teams. Call centre or Contact Centre Managers have lots of proven, and reliable techniques for this along with resource planning. Some even use sophisticated software and calculations such as Erlang b c d etc. stuartpilbrow via Compfight In a […]

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Contingency arrangements for inbound call answering (Just in Case arrangement)

We know what it’s like. You’ve just done a mailshot or run a marketing campaign and on the day that you start to get calls someone calls in sick. Arghh! That’s all you need! Having an agency in place before the event means at the flick of a switch they […]

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Call Handling Remote Workers Given A Hard Time?

In the call answering and handling sector there are often articles, tips, news and warnings given about not using remote workers or home workers for call handling. I can understand why there are so many views like this as unprofessional call answering and handling can be awful! But the is […]

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