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Have you already got a business phone number to put on divert to us or do you require one from us?
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Your Business Hours - What we should tell callers about when you are open and when you are closed

Our Business Hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. How would you like to handle any calls that come through outside of those hours. You can have calls routed to our generic voicemail and we will type up any messages and send them to you the next morning. Alternatively the divert can be put on each morning and taken off at the end of each day and either you do this yourself or we can do this for you.
 Generic Voicemail and messages next working day morning Own responsibility for putting divert on and taking it off Please put divert on and take off on by behalf

We usually answer the phone with "Good Morning / Afternoon, (Your business name), (Our Team Member's Name) speaking, How can I help you? Please confirm the exact business name that you would like us to use in our greeting.

Do you have any other requirements or notes for us with regards to answering the phone?

How would you like us to respond if people ask if you are available to speak with? Please check all that apply
 You are in a meeting / In meetings You are on the phone You are away from your desk You are out of the office Your call is coming through to reception (We don't know when you will be back) You are driving You are out of the office until a specified date/time (you will provide info) Other (please state)

Do you want us to transfer calls through to you on occasions? We understand that one of the biggest benefits of using our service is to keep interruptions to a minimum but we try to balance this with providing excellent service to your customers. Please also remember that diverted call charges will apply for call transfers in line with our telecoms tariff (We can provide further information on this if you wish)

In what occasional circumstances would you like us to transfer calls?
 New Sales Enquiry Personal Call Angry caller Urgent Order Existing Customer wanting to speak with you You have told us you are expecting this call At our discretion Other (Please state)

Other circumstances and requirements for transferring calls?

Would you like us to give out your email to all callers, just some callers or never? Or would you prefer for us to use our discretion?

Any other guidance for giving out your email address?

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