Contingency arrangements for inbound call answering (Just in Case arrangement)

We know what it’s like. You’ve just done a mailshot or run a marketing campaign and on the day that you start to get calls someone calls in sick.

Arghh! That’s all you need!

Having an agency in place before the event means at the flick of a switch they can assist you as if they were in your office.

No need to phone around frantically looking for a temp for the day and then having to train them, which let’s face it, is not ideal.

You can work with us on a “just in case” basis if you wish. This means that you go through the process when it is nice and calm and convenient of telling us about your business and undertaking training with us including supporting documentation and processes. Once all of this is in place you have the option of switching over to your contingency plan whenever you wish. Usually with just 5 minutes notice!

There is a set up fee of £20 as a one off payment to get ready and organised should the need arise in future and after that you can sit back and relax with peace of mind knowing that should you need assistance in the future for inbound call answering either through sickness or a peak in inbound calls you can have these overflow to high quality resource immediately.

To discuss this further please call Maxine or Hazel on 01480 718820

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