IT Helpdesk

One of our clients first suggested to us that we provide an outsourced IT helpdesk service.

It made perfect sense considering how quickly we got to understand their business and products.

Since then we have developed the idea in conjunction with them and also a few of our other IT Clients so that in addition to handling their sales and marketing calls we also handle their Service and Support enquiries.

This frees up their geeks to do geeky stuff whilst we provide a professional pre-first line support and customer service department.

In terms of how this works on a practical level it’s up to you. We can help you with an IVR service for self directing calls to Customer Support, General Enquiries, Helpdesk or Service Desk but we always recommend that you keep these options simple for people to understand as otherwise they can become extremely frustrating.

Our current clients have all invested time with us in developing our understanding of their business and how to support their customer calls.  On some occasions we have worked on our Client’s premises to fully understand the helpdesk and support service requirements and at other times the service has been developed from start to finish remotely.

Calling guides and call flows can help to handle calls efficiently and effectively but we absolutely do not rely on scripts on their own but prefer instead to develop a proper and robust understanding of products, services, problems and solutions.

We are not IT support analysts but we can have good conversations to diagnose call purposes and route calls efficiently.  We try to ensure only calls with an IT support need get to the support analysts and training and service related calls are either handled by us or directed to other appropriate resource.

IT Call Handling for Project Peaks

One of our clients uses us the most when they have a peaks in their IT project plans. This might be during training, testing or go live support. Of course there are unplanned peaks too such as outages or a dip in service levels or just where something has gone wrong and they need resource in place to deploy fixes (not answer the phones!)

IT Call Handling for New Start Technology Businesses

We have other clients too who have other full time jobs or businesses and are developing new start technology businesses alongside them.

IT Call Handling so avoid looking “Too Small”

Other client’s just don’t want to appear “too small” to their customer base as they feel it is off-putting if the person you get through to seems to do everything.

Bespoke & Future Proof

Whilst there are some common trends with technology and good practice, we understand that every business is different when it comes to providing exceptional support so we are happy to have a chat with you in the first instance to discuss requirements and ideas.

We also know that what you may need or benefit from currently may differ from longer term solutions so whatever solutions we come up with together we will try to future-proof these as much as possible so that they grow and develop with you.

CRM & Ticketing Systems

As you would expect we are geared up with Ticketing Systems to log new tickets and maintain them through to resolution. These integrate with CRM systems to capture and maintain accurate customer records. We can even supply a customised Free CRM for one user in your organisation for collaborative working.

Management Reports & Analysis

Our management reporting is of an exceptionally high standard and we are happy to discuss additional requirements with you if you wish.

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