To Queue or Not To Queue

I hate queues. I think they scream out “We Don’t Care!”

Whether is the queue at the petrol station when the person on the till goes wandering off and there aren’t enough people left to serve at a busy time of the day.

Or whether it’s shop assistants that stand around chatting and have to be interrupted by customers to be served.

Or whether its a company that you phone up and you hear those dreaded first few words “Your call is important to us …”


I have to admit that a call queuing system is better than

1. Letting callers feel that they have been forgotten about altogether
2. Lets callers know that they shouldn’t worry they are actually number 2 in the queue so they think “That’s not so bad then”
3. They have got the wrong number or you must have gone out of business.

What are your thoughts?

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